What is this diet?

I follow the best diet I know, the “Chrono Nutrition” which was created by the French Doctor Alain Delabos, who studied “Chrono Biology” and adapted his finding to the nutrition.

Chrono Nutrition diet plan

  • Eat the right aliment
  • At the right moment
  • In the correct quantities (based on your height)

You can eat whatever you want! It just depends on when and in how much quantities you eat this cheese or chocolate or chips!

There are 2 ways of getting slim:

The Every Day Way of Eating where you generally loose 2 to 3 KG in 1 month

The 4 weeks Starter Diet where you can loose from 4 to 8KG in a 4 weeks program

Interesting Principles

  • The taller you are, you the more you can eat… The quantity you eat depends on your height. If you are 5.5 ft which is equivalent to 168 cm, then all the quantity will be based on 168 cm.
  • The bigger your bones are, the less you need to loose. You can see how big are you bones by measuring your wrist (average is 6 cm)
  • For sweet tooth: eat food containing sugar ONLY from the moment you are hungry late in the afternoon
  • 2 cheat meals per week. You can eat whatever you want (including alcohol) for 2 meals,  1 per day and not a whole day!
  • No alcohol (this is the worst thing to get fat, but you can have it in your cheat meal)
  • No sugar in tea or coffee
  • No milk or yogurt! (it’s for children) and you get all the calcium in the cheese (which contains 10 times more calcium than the milk. However, if you are really found of milk or yogurt, then you can have one breakfast per week with it.
  • Never eat if you are not hungry
  • Eat a banana 1 hour before going to the gym

Sounds weird??? Explanations here…

The Chrono Nutrition is based on Chronobiology. Basically, your body works differently throughout the day and assimilates aliments differently depending on the moment where you consume them.

Also, every body is different by height, shape and bone constitution and therefore the quantity you eat should be different too.

What to do now?

I would advice you to try the Every Day Diet first during a  week or two to get use to the quantity and food (cheese in the morning may be weird at the beginning if you are used not to have any breakfast or eating something sweet…).

Start the Every Day Diet »

And after a while, do the Starter Diet.

Start the Starter Diet »


20 thoughts on “What is this diet?

  1. I’ve read somewhere (with google translation, so it might misleading :-)) that with Chrono diet you can also gain weight. Is that true? really love to know, I’d like to implement it to my dear husband.

    • Hi Arina, Yes I confirm that this is what Dr Delabos says. I never experimented it my self (I love have loved to be in this case) but yes apparently the chrono diet shapes you as you should be in the right proportions. Can’t wait to know the results with your husband!

  2. Hi,
    If you decide to eat nuts instead of 30 grams of dark chocolate how much nuts should you eat? I also would like to know how often you should eat? Every third hour?

    • Hello!

      It is advised by Dr Delabos to eat half a small chinese bowl of nuts instead of 30 grams of chocolate and you should eat every 4 to 5 hours between breakfast and lunch, lunch and snack. However, between snack and diner I guess you can eat after 3 hours. BUT, if you have your snack around 6 or 7pm, then you can’t really eat diner as you must east 3 hours before sleeping.

      Hope this helps!

    • Per Dr. Delabos, each meal should last 5 hours except the snack that the Frech call “gouter” ( litterally translated to “tasting”, i.e. not much, just a little) because it takes 5 hours for the food to go through the stomach and small intestines. This was confirmed to me by a Dr. cum pharmacist at my brother’s house during a New Year Eve’s dinner.

      Dr. Delabos said that if your breakfast doesn’t last 5 hours, it means you haven’t eat enough. Therefore, you should increase your cheese and b

  3. Hi there!

    So nice of you to have created this website for all us non french speakers 🙂 I am writing to you from a small island in Europe. To be honest with you i have done nearly and experimented with every diet out there through out my life . I have been normal to slim at times but chubby to fat others , (i practice emotional eating :P) Last few months have been very frustrating for me though as i have been training excessively ( i do Thai boxing 6 times a week and minimum 3 times gym per week) and have also been going to the gym. I have been trying to drop off the weight and have been on a really strict high protein regime and no dinner. Have remained the same weight in kg to my surprise and to others( nothing medically wrong as i have checked) my body composition yes has changed a bit but i am not loosing any weight in kg and i need to in order to compete in Thai boxing tournaments. a friend of mine informed me about this diet only yesterday and i research it online after that.
    I’m thinking of trying it out and posting my results, im looking for a miracle to be honest as i don’t know what else to try!

    • Hello, thank you so much for your kind comment! Yes you should definitely try it out and I give you all my encouragements 🙂
      Yes please let us know your progress with photo before/after. That would be so encouraging for all of us!

    • Hi. I have your same problem, I’m training a lot and I’m on a strict protein diet and I can’t lose 3kg since last year! That’s crazy! So, did this diet work?

  4. hello .I had bypass surgery 3 months ago and my surgeon recomended me to try the chrono diet becouse of my constantly and genetically high cholesterol level which was the cause of the surgery., Im willing to live the way chron diet will show mw will it be good for my lipid status sincerely IMre.

    • Hello, I am not a Doctor so I can not give you such an advice. The only thing I can tell you is that I used to have high bad cholesterol and after having changed my way of eating to the Chrono Diet, it seems that my cholesterol problems have gone. Check out my post the day I received my result: I think it works because you eat cheese ONLY in the morning, never during the day and even worse at night. Do you eat a lot of cheese usually?

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    • Hello Ana, as per Doctor Delabos, any milk made from animal fat is to forget. There are other methods to prevent from constipation like drinking hot water with fresh lemon juice straight after you wake up, or even, you should try a week of fasting with some light physical exercise. I did that in June, and today I go to the toilets twice a day… My intestine is clean now 🙂

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